Basketball Wives Reunion

11 Jun

Vh1 is scheduled to air a reunion special of the show we love to hate on June 20th @ 10pm.  It’s said that the show will have a 2nd season and  other basketball wives are being interviewed.  I really don’t see a need for a reunion special other than ratings.  All that needs to be said is this… Shaunie do you really expect Gloria to choose you over her fam? besides Shaq been doing him and it’s not her business what her sister does.  Royce you’re a hot mess all together…get over it.  Everybody is not going to “love” you.  Jennifer you’re not leaving your husband so stop crying! Suzie stop trying to play peace maker and try finding another Basketball player.  Evelyn your just fake and you didn’t leave your man because of other women, you left him because he was broke….golddigger.  I will be watching though to see who will get some water splashed on them…lol


One Response to “Basketball Wives Reunion”

  1. Kimberly June 11, 2010 at 6:01 pm #

    Man man man….I didnt even know the shit ended until i caught my self watching the OCD project…lol….i ould love to see this crew again and yeah Shaunie is wilding but I think she just roped Gloria in to vent about her misery with Shaq…keeping the enemy close deal. Royce is a bird, Suzie is a trash bag….she stirs up shit and then be like “Oh we should all be friends” her and that snake Evelyn who I think hates on Jen on the low……an yes….Jen is NOT leaving Eric so suck it up, spend that gwap and move on!!!!

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