Rapper Khia…Her Reality Show And Comeback!!

17 Jun

I don’t know if you guys know this but Rapper Khia…”My neck, My back”, has a reality show airing on VH1 sometime this fall called “Anger Management”.   She also has a double CD album hitting stores soon as well as a tour in the works.  All I can do is SMH!!!  Really VH1… you guys could have given me a reality show for all that.  As far as her music is concerned, I only have one question…Why?  You better have some hottness on that album considering how you’ve been hating on Nicki Minaj and Trina.  Khia honey, you will always and forever be known for that one hit “My Neck-My Back”…. oh and your 2.5 seconds of fame on “Ms Rap Supreme”.  Well, I’m not mad at you Khia, we all gotta get ours by any means I guess.  I might check in on this show to see what it is, but  for some reason, I just keep hearing her say “First you gotta put yo’ neck into it and don’t stop just do it do it” LMAO!!!


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