Suge Knight Sues Kanye!

21 Jun

Kanye West & Suge Knight

According to, Suge Knight was shot in the leg at an MTV Video Music Award party back in 2005.  Kanye West hosted the event at the Shore Club in Miami.   Suge Knight is suing both Kanye and the venue for his injuries, a shattered femur, which he claims cost him about $200,000 worth of medical bills.  He’s also suing them, claiming that they did not provide enough security for this event.  Kanye West and the Shore Club owners, has denied charges of negligence.   Both Kanye and Suge met with their lawyers last friday in NYC and Suge is not happy with the results stating. “I’m disappointed”.  This is hilarious to me because back in 2006 Suge filed for bankruptcy and now he’s suing them for over $1 million dollars.  Hmmmmm, sounds fishy if you ask me!… He’s taken plenty bullets before so one in the leg is nothing for a guy like Suge.


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