Danielle Staub Sings & Gets Touchy Feely!!

22 Jun

Danielle Staub on Andy Cohen's "Watch What Happens" Live


Like most Real Housewives fans, I was getting a bit tired of some of them trying to sing and actually making songs.  I made sure to tune into Andy Cohen’s, Watch What Happens Live and to my surprise, Danielle can really sing!   I’m actually shocked at how good she sounds, but as usual she gets all wierd on us and instead of me focusing on the fact that she can sing, I’m trying to figure out if she’s a lesbian!!!  During her performance she was very “close” and when Andy asked if she was seeing the other (sorry guys forgot her name) woman who sang in the duet, she avoids the question by saying, “I’m not saying anything other than we were together when we made this song closer”….LMAO but then starts playing with her hair, kissing her on the cheek, gazing into her eyes and sitting on her lap very seductively.  I mean whats all that about???  Its like she was turned on while singing in front of America.  The other woman (sorry guys about her name) was cool and was trying to do her thing….trying to get her shine on, but as usual Danielle does what she does best. . . . Danielle.


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