Rapper “Rick Ross” being sued by the real Rick Ross!

23 Jun

Rapper Rick Ross


Rapper Rick Ross has a lawsuit filed against him by the real Rick Ross aka ‘Freeway Ricky’, claiming trademark infringement.    The real Ross believes that the fake one used his image, and his name to sell records.  Also named in the lawsuit are Maybach Music Group, Slip-N-Slide records, Universal Music and Jay-Z.  Jay-Z may be summoned to court and have to testify in the fake Ross’s defense…damn Jay another lawsuit…SMH.  All I can think about is when 50 Cent roasted the fake Ross on his website Thisis50.com, he had pictures of Ross in his cheesy correctional gear, took his baby mother shopping and spent money on his kids…Lmao..so disrespectful but funny.  On another note, is a lawsuit really necessary? did fake Ross really try to copy the real Ross’s image?   In my opinion, this is an everyday occurence, rappers tend to portray an image that is not truly themselves and have named themselves after infamous gangsters. I don’t know so I’ll ask you, is it worth it?


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