SMH! Rapper Bow-Wow being sued…

24 Jun

Bow Wow


Is it something in the air with these artist or is it bad Karma?  Lately a lot of our favorite artist have been hit with lawsuits, artist like Jay Z, Rick Ross, Gucci Mane, Nicki Minaj, Beyoncé, Kanye and now Bow Wow.  According to Hip Hop Weekly Magazine, Bow Wow is being sued by a concert promoter for pocketing money for a performance and never performing.  The concert promoter, Brian Gould says he lost over $93, 000 plus lost profits.  According to the lawsuit, it states that Bow Wow took the first deposit of $50,000 and the promoter spent about $43, 000 promoting the show.  The show was later canceled and rescheduled as a part of a Back to School Jam.  It was also sponsored by DARE and Mothers Against Drunk Driving, how could Bow Wow disappoint the kids? SMH!  He  is being sued for breach of Contract.  If this is true then this is terrible!  Why these keep doing these things to themselves, don’t they care about their reputation?


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