The big homie…Snoop Dogg tattoos wife on his arm!

25 Jun

Snoop Dogg & Wife Shante


Awwww! Although many folks may not agree with tattooing the names and faces of loved ones on their body, I must say there is something special about this in the case of Snoop Dogg and his wife Shante.  In a video clip from, they have footage of the “big homie” Snoop Dogg tattooing a picture of his wife as an anniversary gift, at Mr. Cartoon’s tatoo shop.     

It’s a beautiful picture of her from the cover of Sister 2 Sister magazine this month.  I remember a few years ago she was on the cover of that same magazine but the situation was different, Shante and Snoop were close to divorcing.  Since they’ve rekindled their love, they’ve had a reality show, “Father Hood” on E!, renewed their vows and are so happy together.   I love this humble sign of affection that Snoop is showing the world for his wife, considering all they have been through, remember the recent rumors that Shante was dead…wow that was a bad one!    

 I so heart them as a couple, they never gave up no matter how hard it may have been.  So my question is for the love birds and those waiting for love…would you tatoo the name of your husband or wife?    

Click the link below to check the video of Snoop, courtesy of


One Response to “The big homie…Snoop Dogg tattoos wife on his arm!”

  1. Brownie July 1, 2010 at 7:21 pm #

    I’m lovin it!! ( Im my Mcdonalds voice)

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