Things get “Pretty Wild” for reality star Alexis Neiers as she goes to jail!!!

25 Jun

"Pretty Wild" star Alexis Neiers goes to jail


The spoiled thief from the E! network reality show, “Pretty Wild” is heading to jail to serve 180 days for the burglaries of celebrities Orlando Bloom, Lindsey Lohan, Rachel Bilson and Paris Hilton.  I’ve watched the show a handful of times and I couldn’t do it.  These little teeny boppers are swinging around stripper poles in their house and partying like a bunch of hoes, flashing undies and acting well, pretty wild.   

While on the show we saw when Alexis was arrested and bailed out by her mother.  We also saw her catching tantrums about her life being over and losing a big contract due to bad press associated with these events .     

According to the LA Times, it states that Alexis “was a minor player in the burglaries that took place in 2008 and 2009”.  She’s lucky she didn’t get more time like the average joe would’ve…next time watch the company you keep!


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