Jagged Edge has youtube video to promote yard sale….

26 Jun

Jagged Edge


Another recession special, R&B artists Jagged Edge has placed an advertisement on youtube promoting their garage sale today.  According to Bossip.com, they are selling sneakers that they’ve collected through the years as well as professional jerseys.  I absolutely had to check to see if this was true and I saw the video.  Alot of people are saying that the group must be going broke to do something like this, but I would like to think the opposite. What if between them they really had a ton of stuff cluttered around.  White people do this all the time, and the ones I see doing it is far from broke.  This may be a smart move, selling sounds better than giving to me in these times.  I have a whole lot of crap that I just gave away.  I should have tried to sell it! 

 In the video they have sneakers for as cheap as $30, exlusive sneaker that would cost $100 more.  I’m not sure how many people are interested in purchasing anything from them; but I’m sure they’ll have a few vistors.  Just the mere fact that it’s Jagged Edge could possibly bring out a few.   On another note, isn’t this so random.


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