Real Housewives of NJ Re-Cap…Whose Phony whose Fake…Kim D & Kim G!

29 Jun

Bravo Photo : Kim 'D' & Danielle Staub


The drama began to unfold as these ladies “bump” into each other at Kim ‘D’s Posche fashion show.  It was the first time since the reunion special that Danielle and Teresa met face to face.  Danielle was in complete shock as she saw Kim ‘D’ sitting at a table with her arch enemies.  I guess she had no idea until then that Kim ‘D’ isn’t her friend and talks trash about her.   One thing Danielle and I can agree on is that Kim ‘D’ is a piece of “shit”.  The other Kim, Kim ‘C’ was in attendance by her new B.F.F Danielles side, trying to keep her positive and drama free.    

I wanted to touch on the “Kim’s” of this show for some time now and this seems like the perfect opportunity.  From the introduction of these ladies I knew they were itching to get into some type of mess and that they did.  Is it just me or are these Kim’s just ‘Fugazee”…fake?   

My question is, why are they involving themselves in something that has nothing to do with them?  Everyone knows by now how loco Danielle is and I’m sure they’ve seen the show from last season, which leads me to this conclusion… they’re scheming to take a spot on the show?  They befriended Danielle and the others to get their reality shine on.  SMH! I can’t wait to catch up with this stuff next week but first, tell me what you think?   


One Response to “Real Housewives of NJ Re-Cap…Whose Phony whose Fake…Kim D & Kim G!”

  1. toni no baloney June 29, 2010 at 9:41 pm #

    OK what a set up. Kim D arranged the tables so that both parties couldn’t avoid eye contact. Nice that Ashley got to model, that was nice, but did she have to do that little chin wave to Danielle? Does she love her life? I’d like to know just how many outfits Kim D sold from that night which must have cost her plenty. And Kim G needs some diction lessons. Did she graduate High School?

    Danielle feeling insulted at Posche reminded me of those old movies where the actors played in costume and walked around looking to get insulted so they could pull out their swords and duel!! Ditto Teresa. Is her IQ as low as her hairline? Duh, what a question. Teresa sits there and says, I’m such a sweet person, I get over anything in a month. But wow, out comes the dueling sword the minute Danielle contradicts..this time dummy Danielle really was ambushed…I wanted to see what happened but dang, I have to wait until next Monday night. Can’t I ride in the ambulance or the cop car?

    Caroline: uh, gee, Albert likes to work better than stay home with her. Caroline, why not get a life? A job? Albert didn’t want to talk too much in front of the cameras. I once heard a restaurant owner tell someone: I love my work, I get the best food, the best booze and the best girls. Hmmmm. Albert loves his work and what will Caroline do when all her children leave her alone in her empty McMansion nest? Throw ham at her Jack Russells? They’d like that.

    Jacqueline: you had to ask Caroline if you should attend the Posche party or not? Girl, grow a little smarts. What and leave show business? I wonder if Teresa thought up the idea to sit in the foyer and say, Hi, Danielle ,herself? Or did one of the Bravo producers suggest this to her? It was great show biz because we know what a hot little temper T G has ..after all, it turns on Mr Meathead Joe.

    What are those little fur shrugs that they wear? Do they know that those animals are drowned so their fur won’t be messed up with blood? Horrid, horrid to see them wearing fur. But they are all so insular, maybe they never heard of the animal fur controversy.

    Oh well, at least Danielle learned something really stupid from I.Q.-less Paris Hilton. Use your cell phone to show how important you are.

    Again, Danielle displays the checklist for the symptoms of Borderline Personality Disorder. She should read the book Borderline Personality Disorder For Dummies.. she can order it from Amazon. GEt some help girl! BPD can be treated! And please do something about those sharp eyebrows!!!

    Again, I can’t stop watching these throwbacks in action. So what does that say about me. I really try to avoid looking when there is a slowdown due to car accidents. But I watch this. I gotta find a life. Caroline, maybe we can help each other.?

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