Swizz Beats owes NYS $2.2Mil in Back Taxes….

30 Jun

Rapper/Producer Swiss Beats owes the New York State way too much money.  According to Detroit News, Swiss Beats and ex-wife Mashonda owes $2.2 million in back taxes.

It seems like the IRS has tried to collect from Swiss for quiet some time now.  The article states that the State of New York filed a lien for $652, 727 on June 3rd for what they owed in 2008.  It goes on to say that the State has a $162, 300 tax warrant against him and his ex-wife since back in 2009.  The IRS came after him prior to that and filed a $556,986 lien on the ex-couple in 2008 for 2007 income taxes and another lien for $842, 645 for income taxes owed in 2006. 

Damn Swizzy! These files are all public record so this is a definite fact.  This is crazy!  How is Swiss going to handle this, according to SOHH.com, he just paid $334,000 worth of child support that was owed to his ex-wife last month.  In the midst of wedding planning and funding a charter school in the Bronx how is he going to pay this off.  Well I guess that’s where Alicia Keys comes in handy!!!  What do you make of this people?


One Response to “Swizz Beats owes NYS $2.2Mil in Back Taxes….”

  1. Brownie July 1, 2010 at 6:28 pm #

    What an idiot! What did he really think the end result was gonna be??? Wow! That’s good for his dumb ass and Alicia is just as dumb for messin wit his broke ass. SMDH!

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