Dave Chappelle Acts Crazy on Private Jet & Causes Emergency Landing!!

5 Jul

Dave Chappelle as rick james on "The Chappelle Show"


Dave Chappelle boarded a private jet yesterday from New Jersey heading to his home in Ohio and ended up getting kicked off the flight.  As reported by TMZ.com, Chappelle refused to wear his seatbelt and walked in and out of the cockpit, pulling the pilots arm.  LMAO!  The pilot felt that ‘Chappelle’s erratic behaviour was a safety hazard and made an emergency landing in Pittsburgh.  He then stays at a hotel and tells workers that he doesn’t know where he lives.   

Reps. of Dave Chappelle said that he ate something bad and really had to use the bathroom but the one on the plane wasn’t the kind he needed.  Can we say… BUBBLE-GUTS!  Come on Dave…what could possibly be wrong about a bathroom on a private jet!  If his stomach hurt him that bad then why couldn’t he just use it, unless he’s really crazy which some people tend to believe or perhaps he wanted to shower after dropping that serious load. LOL!  Now I have nothing but love for him but this was funny!


2 Responses to “Dave Chappelle Acts Crazy on Private Jet & Causes Emergency Landing!!”

  1. Nicole July 5, 2010 at 7:03 am #

    He is Dave chapelle he can crap where he wants! Lmfaooo

  2. Brownie July 6, 2010 at 4:05 pm #

    Dave……….. smh……… gnrrrrrrrrrrrrr…… Idk… I hope he ain’t messin wit no drugs!

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