Jay-Z Clears Up Those “Illuminati” “Devil Worshiper” Rumors…

11 Jul

Rick Ross & Jay Z


For months there has been rumors that Jay-Z along with wife Beyoncé, Kanye and even Russell Simons are devil worshipers, Masons or apart of the Illuminati.  On Rick Ross new album Teflon Don, Jay-Z is featured on the track, “Free Mason“, along with John Legend.   

In the song, Jay makes it clear that he’s no devil worshiper and that he’s not a part of the Illuminati.  Here are a few lyrics to the song which was leaked yesterday:  

” N***as couldn’t do nothing with me,/they put the devil on me/I would have preferred n****s squeeze the metal on me/rumors of Lucifer/ I don’t know who to trust/the whole world want my demise/turn the music up/hear me clearly, if ya’ll n—as fear me/just say just say y’all fear me,”   

F— all these fairy tales/ Go to hell, this is God engineering/this is a hail mary/past y’all interfering/he without sin shall cast the first stone/so y’all look in the mirror, double-check y’all appearance/ B–ch, I said I was amazing/ Not that I’m a Mason/I’m on my third six, but a devil I’m not/my jesus piece flooded/but thou shall not covet…  

Yeah Jay… I feel you …it was time to put these ridiculous rumors to bed!


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