Real Housewives of NJ Re-cap…

13 Jul

Last nights episode is one that most of NJ Housewives been waiting to see for the last 2 weeks and it was well worth it.  So, as Andy asked in his poll, who was the trouble maker in this situation?  My opinion is that Teresa was genuine in her approach to Danielle but of course if your dealing with a lunatic things will always turn sour instead of sweet.  It’s not fair to put it all on Danielle, Teresa knows how Danielle is and could have handled her smarter than that, like Caroline said, “You gave her what she wanted”.  Teresa didn’t have to engage her to begin with, she should have ignored her like Jacqueline suggested.

Let’s not forget about Ashley pulling her hair making the drama queen create more of a scene.  Ashley needed to stay out of it and let grown women handle their business.  How did you like the clump of hair Danielle held in her hand that she claims Ashley tore out?…LMAO

As I’ve mentioned before, the Kim’s are all a piece of hot garbage.  Both of these women instigated situations between Teresa, Jacqueline and Danielle on numerous occasions.  No surprise though that Kim G tried to play peacemaker to stop the childish behaviour among these women, however she should have done this episodes ago.  The next thing that I’m wondering is why wasn’t Kim ‘D’ pissed off?  They ruined the night of her show…SMH! Everyone wants to be in the drama but when it blows up nobody wants to take responsibility for the role they played.  So to answer Andy’s question….it’s everybodys fault.


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