Chad Ocho Cinco Defends his preference…

15 Jul

Chad OchoCinco

Chad Ocho Cinco new show “The Ultimate Catch”, previewed this past sunday and as I’ve posted before, the lack of color in the cast will push a few buttons.  Since the show aired, he has interviewed with Wendy Williams and Angela Yee, both of which wonders why the lack of sistas?

In the video clip below, Wendy Williams digs into Ocho Cinco by stating that she was “insulted” and “offended”, Chad then begins to defend himself stating, “he loves everybody” and if you listen closely he says, “based on what you see there’s nothing I can do about that”, he also offers an apology to anyone who was offended. 

If you think about it, Chad has children by black women so I don’t think that he doesn’t have love for sistas.  My belief is that VH1 chooses these women for rating purposes.  Maybe they feel the less black women on the show the more America will be watching.  Check the link below and tell me your thoughts please…I’m dying to know!


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