Jersey Shore Cast on Strike…Should They Get The Boot?

19 Jul

Jersey Shore Cast


Yesterday the cast went on strike, Jwoww, Ronnie, Sammi, Pauly D and Vinny were supposed to start filming.  Although they’re getting $10,000 per episode, they’re not satisfied with their contracts and refuse to film until they come to a new agreement, according to  Today Snooki and The Situation are set to begin shooting, but it’s believed that they will also go on strike.  Now my question is… are they really worth the headache?  Sure they’ve brought in crazy ratings for MTV but at the end of the day…they are replaceable.  They better get like The Situation who just wrote a self-help book called, Here’s the situation. 

My guess is after a few weeks fans may be upset but once they get a new cast they’ll be yesterdays news…and to be honest I’m tired of them already.  Tell me what you think?


One Response to “Jersey Shore Cast on Strike…Should They Get The Boot?”

  1. Kimberly July 20, 2010 at 3:06 pm #

    Um NOOOOO!! I’m wainting to catch the SAME cast from the shores. I dont think another crew will bring the same level of entertainment and why not get more $$$$?? They pay these people on The Hills and The City mucho bucks for barely anything….

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