Foxy Brown Arrested After Yelling & Flashing Neighbor!!??!!!

22 Jul

Rapper Foxy Brown


According to the Daily News, rapper turn inmate Foxy Brown is facing a class E felony charge and could go to jail…again. 

 Apparently, Foxy was rehearsing for an upcoming BB Kings Blues Club show in her Prospect Heights neighborhood, when she stepped outside and saw her rival and neighbor Arlene Raymond.  Raymond has an order of protection on Foxy stemming from the BlackBerry incident in 2007, where she was accused of hitting Arlene with the phone. 

As Arlene looked at Foxy she went in saying,   

“B—-, what are you looking at? What the f— are you looking at?” Foxy snarled before lifting her skirt, the sources said, citing Raymond’s complaint. 

SMH! I guess she will never learn from her mistakes.  Foxy’s mother made a statement saying that she believes these are lies  and Raymond is trying to get money from Foxy. Uh…somehow I believe the other party, Foxy has a history of acting psycho and besides how much more money could she possibly have than her neighbors…let’s be serious its not like she lives in Malibu. 


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