RHWONJ Teresa Giudice bankruptcy auction!!!

27 Jul

Teresa Guidice and Family

If you caught last nights episode of Housewives NJ, then you saw Teresa say that Danielle was trying to get a “rise” out of her by mentioning that her homes were in foreclosure…which she adamantly denied.  Also if you missed it, the couple celebrated their 10th year anniversary.  Teresa kept saying to her husband that she wanted a special gift.  She got a beautiful ring even though they couldn’t afford it.

Now according to Perez Hilton, the couple will have a bankruptcy auction to help them out of their $11 million debt.  The auction will take place at their home on Aug. 22nd. 

Below is a list of a few items up for sale:

* Schaefer & Sons Grand Piano
* Wolf 48″ Stainless Steel Range
* 1080 Pure 42″ LCD Television
* Chippendale Style Arm Chair & Pair of Oversized Candle Sticks
* Pair of Shell Leaf Carved Crest Leather & Fabric Sofas
* Round Pine Kitchen Table & 8 Upholstered Tudor Style Chairs
* Four Section Center Seating Group
* 6′ Ceramic Satsuma Temple Urn
* Large Gilt Frame Wall Mirror
* Greek Revival Style Round Occassional Tables
* Demi Lune Scrolled Base Table
* Decorative Fireplace Accessories
* Panasonic Viera Oversized LCD Television
* Dark Finish King Size Bedroom Set
* Oversized Wall Mirror & Kidney Shaped Vanity Table
* Love Seat, Upholstered Arm Chairs & Area Rug
* Credenza, Mirror & Decorative Items
* Connelly Antique Style Pool Table
* Mahogany Poker Table & Chairs
* Mahogany Home Bar & Stools
* Faux Marble Chess Set
* Foosball Table
* Suit of Armour
* Bar Height Gaming Table
* Chandeliers
* Chandelier & Sconces 1
* Chandelier & Sconces 2
* Chandelier & Sconces 3
* Framed Paintings
* GE Monogram Stainless Steel LPG Grill
* Sea-Doo Bombardier X20 Jet Boat
* New Holland LS190 Skid Steer
* Tandem Axle 10′ Dump Trailer
* Fisher 28100 X-Blades Stainless Steel Snow Plow

I bet they are looking at her lavish and pricing items purchased for herself and kids wishing she would have saved those dollars!! SMH

Let this be a lesson wanna be ballers…

Like my grandmother says…

live within your means…SMH!!


3 Responses to “RHWONJ Teresa Giudice bankruptcy auction!!!”

  1. toni no baloney July 27, 2010 at 8:21 pm #

    I really felt for Joe, the husband, when he toured the apartment building he had built and the pizzeria, and said to Teresa, we could live here. and she says, I’m not living here. I’m not going to help you run the pizza place. Who died and made this woman Queen of the World? She won’t help her husband a little? Give him some support? Well, he gives into her so that makes him a wuss husband; those scenes where Teresa talks about the Crown Jewels, and she says Arabic? India? Did this woman pay attention in school, and did she really attend college? Not one book or bookcase inthat entire house, now foreclosed. She says “ain’t” and is proud of it. I fear for those 4 daughters who think they are crown princesses, are loud, demanding and not that cute. Teresa knows her husband is struggling with making enough money to even survive and she wants diamonds? Teresa, there are starving children in this world. Joe is pleading with you to help him, but no, he caves in and gives her the large yellow diamond. When you owe $11 million where do you come up with money to buy such an expensive gift? Will they have to auction that too, if it’s paid for that is. Then we have to watch them tussle on the bed in an expensive hotel. Bravo, can you spare us scenes like that? Teresa has a very destructive character and she hasn’ t got a clue that people are laughing their heads off at her clownish, tasteless lifestyle. Oh well, Bravo is making money. And the “housewives” are celebrities, at least for now. Soon they will be yesterday’s news.

    • Patrice Renee... July 28, 2010 at 3:06 pm #

      Yes I felt it for Joe also. He appeared extremely stressed and it seems to me that he just wants to please his wife. Teresa wants her children to grow up with a silver spoon in their mouths. SMH I feel bad for him…hopefully all this will humble her down a bit. So many people are into the flashy, name brand, most expensive everything lifestyle when their pockets can’t afford it. I like fine things myself but you not gonna catch me staring at a rack of Gucci or Prada when my bills need to be paid. People in general need to wake up. I think Teresa represents a large population of us who feel privileged.

  2. Brownie July 29, 2010 at 9:29 pm #

    Teresa is wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy outta control! Enough is enough already! Damn!! Do u want to help ur husband run a business and keep money coming in or u wanna sit on ur ass, and floss all day like u got it like that…. which U DON’T anymore.. SMH!! She is really not thinkin for her childrens future. Its a damn shame!

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