The Weddings of the Weekend…my thoughts…TI&Tiny… Alicia&Swizzy

3 Aug


Tiny & TI


We all heard by now about the lavish weddings of our favorite celebrities, the controversial Alicia Keys & Swiss Beats wed this weekend along with ride or die couple Tiny and TI.  I’ve read other blog sites like the, TMZ, NecoleBitchie, and and the comments made by viewers are hilarious.  

It seems like out of all of them TI and Tiny got the most love but when it comes to A.Keys and Swizz Beats, people have already started the count down.   I can’t say I want their union to crumble but I will say they’ve got a lot of work to do if it’s going to last.  Alicia’s reputation has gone in the shit tank since the affair became public and Swizz just looks like a dog with 3rd baby mama Jahna Sebastian speaking up now but either way they all look happy so all the best to them. 

I was asked by a friend earlier which one of these marriages do I think will last?, as if to say both can’t survive, and clearly those who read my post may have an answer to this.  My hope is that TI and Tiny will continue to be that strong couple they’ve been for almost 10 years now and I also hope that although all the heartache the affair caused Mashonda, I wouldn’t wish that on A. Keys.  So to answer that question…I got my money on Mr. & Mrs. Harris.


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