Bow Wow mothers store TASTE shut down due to tax lien….

13 Aug

Bow Wow & mother Teresa Caldwell


According to Sandra Bow Wow’s mother Teresa Caldwell’s upscale boutique TASTE, has been shut down by the State of Georgia for unpaid taxes.   As you all may know, Bow Wow stars in the new movie Lottery Ticket, which opens in theatres today.  I’m sure this movie will do well in the box office and eventually Bow Wow will be able to get his mom out of this headache.  Nonetheless, this is sad and embarrassing news to him and his family.  His mother took to twitter her thoughts on the issue while giving a piece of advice on the matter stating, 

“Ppl please make sure u pay close attention to who’s handling ur books and ur business because I didn’t.  Thanks for the positive energy.” 

I have to agree with her its seems like the IRS is not playing any games any more and if you’re not on top of your game they will catch you.  Just ask Wesley Snipes!


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