Antwaun Cook Defends Fantasia!

19 Aug

Fantasia Barrino & Antwaun Cook


After Fantasia’s suicide attempt photos surfaced all over the internet with her and married lover Antwuan cook exchanging words.  It appeared like the two were doing it for TV as a camera crew filmed the two together.  It’s believed that the this was filmed as a part of Fantasia’s reality show, Fantasia For Real airing soon. 

Now Antwaun has released a statement through his lawyer about Fantasia and his marriage, 

“Antwaun would be remiss not to address the criticism and judgment he has received. He knew Fantasia Barrino but the failure of his marriage can in no way be blamed on anyone except the two people that were a part of the union – Paula and Antwaun. [Paula and Antwaun] expected their marriage to stand the test of time. Unfortunately, like many marriages, it did not turn out as planned. In late summer 2009, after years of discussion, the parties separated with the intention of no longer being married.” 

aren’t these statements funny…. the cheater can never admit that they ruined everything….anyway next…


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