Daniel Staub Gone…Finally!?!

19 Aug

Returning Housewives Crew: Teresa, Caroline & Jacqueline


It’s official Daniel Staub has not been asked to return to Bravo for season 3 of Real Housewives of NJ.  Soon after taping the reunion special according to TVSquad.com, all were sent letters in the mail asking them to return to the show all except for Danielle of course.  To many fans of the show who probably grew to hate her or view her as annoying, will her removal keep us interested in NJ?  Will her presence be missed?  Although drama follows Danielle almost everywhere and in just about all of her friendships she did make good TV.  No one could stop talking about her crazy ass! 

I do have my feelings about Danielle, mixed feelings…kind of like a love/hate thing with her, but I can say Housewives NJ won’t be the same without her.  On another note, maybe this will bring Dina back to the show or maybe they may insert Kim D or Kim G in Danielle’s place, either way I can say I will miss her.  Hopefully Bravo can scout around NJ and find someone who can bring the heat for NJ’s sake…I just don’t see the fun in this for the viewers any more.  What do you think is it time for RHWONJ to get some new faces?


One Response to “Daniel Staub Gone…Finally!?!”

  1. toni no baloney August 20, 2010 at 12:27 am #

    I was relieved when I heard that Danielle was “fired” from the show. Just the sight of her hideous face and her ignorant rantings made me physically ill. I wanted to get bug spray and shoo her to another country. She acted like the thruggish felon that she is with those throwbacks to the neanderthal era, Danny and that other guy who looked like someone did somthing to his face. So next season, I can concentrate on Teresa and Joe, and their baby gorillas. I’ve never seen people that parochial without a clue as to what they were doing with their lives. Will Teresa ever put on the brakes to her compulsive spending and her out-of-control behavior? I hope none of the people Joe owes money to, send someone around to break his legs, and Teresa’s fingers. And will Caroline ever catch on to her control issues? Does she always have to act the boss with everyone and everything? Capo di tuttie capi? At least her husband tells her when to put a cork in it. He has some, well, courage. Will Jacqueline please tell Ashley how she’s ruining her life and that when you touch another person, that is, merely touch them, that is called assault these days? I’ve seen no one really explain to her that she can’t go after anyone; It’s against the law and there are consequences. I wish Jacqueline would take a few courses and develop a better vocabulary. Forget Teresa, her English is terrible.., what do you think I am, an Arabic? shows she needs a few language courses herself, but when I saw the little backwater town near Naples, up high in the mountains that both she and Joe came from, I understand why both of them are so well, backwards. Even her Italian was bad. I hope that Teresa starts to discipline her baby gorillas. Obnoxious. and not even cute!!

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