Soulja Boys an author… new book “Teenage Millionaire”

2 Sep

Rapper Soulja Boy

Of all the things I think about when I see Soulja Boy I would NEVER have thought to add author in the mix.  Soulja Boy is getting ready to release his new book titled, “Teenage Millionaire”  the book will be a memoir chronicling how he’s become successful in the music business and the steps he took to get there.  

In an interview with MTV News, Soulja Boy sounds humble when  talking about his book,

“It (book) talks about me making my first million dollars at 17 years old. I talk about how my life changed. It talks about the music industry, everything I learned about the music industry – how I got into the music industry with my mind set, all the ins and outs that I go through.
“All the chapters break down my beliefs and what steps and methods I took to get in this position. I just go and break (them) down into detail. I just want all my fans to read it when my album drops and have a good read and feel where I’m coming from.”

I’m glad he’s giving his fans a taste of what it takes to be successful.  Good luck Soulja Boy with you book and album sales.


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