Brookyln C.O. wins $54million lottery jackpot!

24 Sep

 A single mother of two who has faced bankruptcy, robbery, and job related assault is now a Mega Millions jackpot winner of $54 million.  Correction officer Garina Fearon told the New York Post, “I wanted a better life. I was struggling as a single parent.  I’ve really come back from nothing.” 

The Brooklyn winner says she was down to her last $25 six years ago and filed for bankruptcy.  Just two years later her apartment was robbed while she was at work trying to provide for her family.    The prison guard also spent some of her youth living in homeless shelters where she endured abuse by her caretakers.  While working as a prison guard on  Rikers Island, one of her co-workers states, “She’s had feces thrown in her face and on her uniform in the years that she’s been there”. 

The win comes as a surprise to Garina who wanted to buy a Powerball ticket but ended up with a Mega instead.  She kept the ticket and forgot about it until Monday, when she asked a fellow officer for the newspaper to check her numbers and to her surprise. “I saw the numbers, and I started running from one part of the parking lot to the other screaming,”.

Garina decided to take the lump sum payment of $30 million.  So what will she do with all that money?  She plans on taking care of her two children a 16-year-old son and 14-year-old daughter as well as her sick mother in Jamaica.  She has no intentions of quitting her day job but as reported by AOL News, she has called in the correctional facility to take a leave of absence.


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