Shaunie O’Neal tries to set-up Shaq in divorce!!

30 Sep


The drama between these two keeps brewing.  As reported by, Shaunie attempted to set-up Shaquille O’Neal by trying to get his mistress Vanessa Lopez to confess of their affair by going public.   Little did Shaunie know….Vanessa went back and told Shaq of Shaunie’s plan to bring him down…smh!!! 

It’s obvious Shaunie wants to put Shaq on blast for being the cheater that the world already knows he is.  She’s also trying to get her money up by exposing him in court.  The problem with this is that she signed a confidentiality agreement when she married him and now may be faced with breach of contract.

Another part of the story has to do with a man named Shawn Darling an IT guy that is currently suing Shaq for hacking into his computer.  According to The Boston Herald, Darling worked for Shaquille and Shaunie O’Neal from 2007 to 2009, during which time he states Shaq had him delete information from his AOL account in relation to his affairs and other legal matters.  It is believed that Shaunie and Vanessa are presently in contact with Darling.

Darling also claims that Shaq tried to plant child pornography on his computer, and break into his voicemail account but destroyed evidence by tossing his computer into a lake. 

I wonder…will we hear about this drama on the new season of Basketball Wives!  I will most definitely be watching…


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