Tiger Woods has a Sex Tape!!!!

30 Sep

One of the gazillion mistresses of Mr. Woods Devon James claims to have a sex tape of her and Tiger.  According to RadarOnline, the washed up Florida porn star, is shopping the tape around and it looks like Vivid Entertainment will release it.  

 Vivid also released the tapes of Kim Kardashian, Montana Fishbourne and Playboy playmate Kendra Wilkinson.  James claims the tape is 62 minutes long…37 minutes of them having sex but she won’t get into details about what else you will see.   

If you remember James is the woman who claims Tiger is the father to her 9-year-old son and took him to court for a paternity test which was thrown out because she failed to show up in court.  SMH!!!.  She also was walking around wearing T-Shirts saying “Tiger Woods Baby Momma”. 

Well that’s what he gets for doing a doped up porn star!


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