Nene Leakes on Plastic Surgery…

25 Oct

For all my Real housewives Of Atlanta fans, I’m sure you’ll be tuning in tonight as we watch Nene undergo some not-so-needed plastic surgery…alone.  In the previews leading up to tonight’s episode, we see that her husband Greg is a no-show in support of his wife.  

I love Nene and in all honesty she looks fabulous post surgery.  She recently sat down with People Magazine to discuss her reasons and reactions to her voyage of self-improvement. 

Here’s a little of what Nene had to say to People Magazine :

“I’m very comfortable and confident in myself.  I just wanted a tune up,” says Leakes, 42, admitting that in April she got a nose job, smaller breast implants and a lift, as well as liposuction around her waist for contouring.

she continues…

“I still wanted to look like NeNe, the black woman that I am,” she says, “but a better version.”

What do you guys think about her transformation?


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