Football Wives: Mercedes Nelson booted off!!!!

26 Oct

The cast of VH1 Football Wives

 This past Sunday was the premiere of the much-anticipated Football Wives on VH1.  Just like Basketball Wives, we get a glimpse at the lives of the women behind the superstar athletes.  Its been one episode in and already someone is kicked off the show.

Mercedes Nelson

According to, Mercedes Nelson the ex-girlfriend of Dallas Cowboys, Marion Barber got handed the pink slip. 

TMZ reports:

“During Sunday night’s premiere episode — there was one official cast member missing from the show, Mercedes Nelson … reportedly the ex-girlfriend of Dallas Cowboys running back Marion Barber. Multiple sources involved with the production tell us hell broke loose while the girls were taping a scene recently … after Nelson “flipped out” and threw a bunch of tabletop items at Chanita Foster.we’re told producers shut down production and “came to an agreement” that it would be best for Mercedes to leave the show because it just “wasn’t for her.” 

First of all she is no longer a wife or girlfriend to any athlete so why is she even on the show and secondly I agree with Vh1 move on getting her out. 

Also according to, Pilar Sander wife to Deion Sanders was a no show at the vH1 premiere party in Texas but she had her own premiere party and didn’t invite any of the other wives…SMH!!! all I can say is I will be watching!!!


One Response to “Football Wives: Mercedes Nelson booted off!!!!”

  1. ede October 27, 2010 at 9:39 pm #

    I watched Pilar act as though bible meetings were beneath her…….that’s strange considering how she portrayed herself to be a big time Christian……..on Trinity broadcast network ……..u might find it on YouTube

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