Laura Govan speaks on Shaq Affair…

3 Nov


Gilbert Arenas & Laura Govan

Basketball Wives star Gloria Govan sister, Laura, was the big elephant in the room the entire season, remember it was rumored that Laura was the reason that Shaunie decided to split from Shaq.  Now in an interview in Sista 2 Sista Magazine Laura finally addresses those nasty rumors.  

According to Sista 2 Sista magazine, she denies anything happened between her and Shaq and puts Shaunie on the spotlight for believing rumors that she knew were false.  So did Shaunie do this for ratings? Hmm!  In the article she will also explain the nature of their friendship which is far from besties as Shaunie professed on the show. 

In the December issue she speaks on why she declined Basketball Wives but recommended her sister Gloria instead saying:

“I didn’t want to do it because I’ve never asked to be in the public eye,” explained Laura. “I’m educated. I want to make sure that my children have a role model in the sense of whatever that means to me.  I want them to see that mommy is doing things other than being behind daddy and going to games and being cute.”

Laura holds a Masters in Psychology and is a former employee of the NBA.  Laura is  with Basketball star Gilbert Arenas, they’ve been an item for 9 years and have three children together.


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