My Re-cap: Housewives Beverly Hills

5 Nov

Hello everyone who appreciates my Real Housewives re-caps, sorry its been a while, but I wasn’t able to do them because I’ve missed a few episodes and finally I’ve caught up with them all.  Today though, I want to talk about The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills.  

First off I love the show.  I think as this season unfolds so will the drama in their personal lives especially Taylors’.  I like all of them so far but my favorite is Kyle.  I’m sure that’s not a surprise considering she won all of Andy Cohen’s polls so far.  My least favorite is of course Camille and I say of course for a few reasons but mainly because she broke the rules.  She broke the one rule a woman should never break if she wants to keep her female friends and not catch a beat down…FLIRTING AND PARADING YOURSELF AROUND YOUR FRIENDS MAN!!!!!!!

I was OK with the fact that she had a surrogate carry her children instead of her using the body which God intended her to use.  I didn’t get the need for 4 nannies but that was OK too.  I was even OK with the fact that she was a washed-up MTV dancer, who snagged Kelsey Grammer while he was coked-up, but what ultimately turned me off from her was her shaking her ass around these women’s husbands like she wanted to give them a lap dance.  Wait, but did you see Adrienne’s face when her husband put $5 in her blouse…SMH! I  know she wanted to slap his ass silly but  at least he knows her worth.  Anways, she then sits by the pool in seductive lingerie, excuse me swimwear, talking about her breast comfortably around these men. 

 I mean WTF!!! She’s cruising for somebody to ride out on her for real.  Ladies don’t you hate when so-called friends try to stunt around your man like it’s about them.  SMH! Well those ladies handled her very well and I’m sure she posses no threat but the audacity is nauseating.

Lets not forget Kelseys’ friend, who flirts with her, has horrible sex with his woman and just so happens to meet up with her in Vegas…G.T.F.O.H!!!  (did you peep how she slid off into the night I bet she met up with him)  It’s no wonder  Kelsey divorced her ass.  She’s full of herself for no reason, she brought nannies to her trip in Hawaii, is she serious…she needed to have nannies around for 2 children –not babies.  Alrighty then!

Other than that scandalous chick, what’s up with the $60,000 birthday party Taylor did for her daughter.  I guess that’s Beverly Hills for ya’ but anywho I will have a re-cap for the ATL divas after Sundays episode.  Please let me know your thoughts on the Beverly Hills housewives. 

Till next week…toodles!


One Response to “My Re-cap: Housewives Beverly Hills”

  1. Koni Swaray November 9, 2010 at 7:50 am #

    I liked to watch the beverely housewives. I liked adriene maloof shes beautiful very down to earth i luv her to be my friend.

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