Bad Girls Club Catya Washington Arrested …Already!?!?

8 Nov

Bad Girls Club Catya Washington

Last week we found out Catya Washington, star of The Bad Girls Club Miami, was arrested for possession of firearms, cocaine, mushrooms, ecstasy AND now we learn that the “classy” reality star was arrested just weeks before.

According to, Catya was arrested a  few weeks before this recent incident for physically assaulting a woman.  The woman was a wife of someone she’s been seeing.  Sources that saw the incident claims she rear-ended her car into the wife’s vehicle and when they got she starting hitting the woman in her face with a chain and sprayed her with mace. 

Lord please help this child!!!!!

She fled the scene, cops tracked her down and arrested her.  She was charged with aggravated assault, inflicting serious bodily injury, possession of an instrument of crime, and recklessly endangering another person. 

With all these charges surmounting I wonder what else will pop up…one things for sure, she’s facing some serious jail time.   Why couldn’t she just ride out her 15 minutes of fame? SMH!!!


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