Lamar Odom sues his baby mama’….

15 Nov

According to, Lamar Odom is taking his kids mother to court for a  “parental access schedule” and “reasonable child support payments”.  This comes as a shocker to their mother Liza Morales who resides with the kids in NYC. 

She told the New York Post,

“Lamar basically checked out as a father four years ago,” she told The Post. “They [Destiny and L.J.] haven’t had quality time in a long time.” When we lost our son, he [Odom] was nowhere to be found,” she said. Since then “I always had to be the one to ask him: ‘Lamar, do you want the kids?’ ” “This whole going to the court thing — people, my neighbors — I don’t want them to think this is the kind of mother I am, that he has to go to court for visitation,” Morales said. “It’s just really shocking, because Lamar knows the truth.”

This is unfortunate!  but rumor has it that Lamar been M.I.A  as a  father until recently.  There are pics floating around the web of the children with Khloe and Lamar.  Im’ sure we’ll hear more to this story shortly.


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