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SMH: Fantasia confess abortion for Antwuan Cook…

23 Nov

According to RadarOnline, Fantasia took the stand yesterday in court and confessed she aborted the child of her married lover,  Antwuan cook.  Antwuans soon-to-be ex-wife is suing Fantasia for Alienation of Affection, which allows the spouse to sue the “home wrecker”.

Fantasia claims to have had the abortion done around the time of her suicide attempt.  In court, Fantasia denied any knowledge of him being married stating that they had a relationship, “on and off for about 11 months”, but thought he was separated at the time. The interesting part about all this is Fantasia’s still seeing Cook. 

I don’t know what to say about this messy situation except to give some advice to my ladies out there.  If you’re dating or sleeping with a man who claims he’s divorced or separated, wait until he shows you those papers or move on.  As women we know how men can lie so why get caught up in unnecessary heartache and stress. What is it with some woman who can’t leave taken men alone? Its one thing if you don’t care about the other party, which explains a lot about you, but care about yourself enough to know you deserve better.

One thing I can say about Fantasia, is if the rumors are true, then whatever happens to her from here on out she brought on herself.   And don’t try any more suicide attempts either cause we won’t pity you.  How does the saying go…fool me once shame on you, fool me twice shame on me.  What more does it take for her to get rid of his Ass. SMDH!!!!


Lil’ Wayne hit with paternity suit…

10 Nov


I’m sure this isn’t surprising.  According TMZ, rapper Lil’ Wayne was hit with paternity suit papers while he was still in prison.  He’s already the father of four children born to different women and could be the father to the  8 yr. old child born in february 2002. 

Wayne is scheduled to take a DNA test before December 9.  The papers were filed by a Missouri woman whose the childs grandmother.  No word about why the birth mother didn’t file this herself.   I seriously think Wayne should consider a vasectomy and take sex education classes.  He’s spreading himself around like an STD.  There’s always a chance that he’s not the father but look at his track record…yeah right.  SMH!   Hopefully this is a wake up call to Lil’ Wayne and all his young fans to protect themselves.

Bad Girls Club Catya Washington Arrested …Already!?!?

8 Nov

Bad Girls Club Catya Washington

Last week we found out Catya Washington, star of The Bad Girls Club Miami, was arrested for possession of firearms, cocaine, mushrooms, ecstasy AND now we learn that the “classy” reality star was arrested just weeks before.

According to, Catya was arrested a  few weeks before this recent incident for physically assaulting a woman.  The woman was a wife of someone she’s been seeing.  Sources that saw the incident claims she rear-ended her car into the wife’s vehicle and when they got she starting hitting the woman in her face with a chain and sprayed her with mace. 

Lord please help this child!!!!!

She fled the scene, cops tracked her down and arrested her.  She was charged with aggravated assault, inflicting serious bodily injury, possession of an instrument of crime, and recklessly endangering another person. 

With all these charges surmounting I wonder what else will pop up…one things for sure, she’s facing some serious jail time.   Why couldn’t she just ride out her 15 minutes of fame? SMH!!!

Super Groupie Kat Stacks Arrested!!!

8 Nov

About time her ass disappeared somewhere!

According to, Infamous groupie Kat Stacks was arrested Friday, the reason is unknown so far, but rumors are circulating about her arrest being related to her immigration status.  Although she claims to have sorted those issues out, she couldn’t help but express her anger towards airport security via twitter.

She tweets,

“Smh as soon they saw my foreign passport they started f**king with me. The police already cleared me but still messing with me.  “This is why I hate white people, snitching racist b**ches. The black securities are cool but this white mothaf**kers in here f**king with me. I’m getting arrested have fun without me.”

For those of you wondering who she is, Kat Stacks has been linked to several rappers, most of which claims she’s lied about ever meeting or having sex with them.  A while back a member of Fabolous entourage allegedly attacked her by smacking her up after she claims to have had sex with him.  More recently, rapper Soulja Boy verbally attacked her via twitter after she made statements about him being a cocaine addict, which he vehemently denied.

What we don’t understand is why is anyone associated with this …thing (for lack of a better word), obviously she made some type of career for herself by spreading rumors whether true or false.  Now she’s supposed to be working on some music with rapper Twista. SMH!!  WHY???