Are Eva Longoria & Tony headed for splitsville??

17 Nov

Yesterday rumors surfaced that Eva Longoria and Tony Parker are divorcing, then we’re hearing these divorce rumors are false.  Usweekly Magazine has the couple on the cover claiming that they have indeed split.

According to Extra, Tony had an affair with a woman who happens to be the wife of a NBA teammate.  Ooh Weeeee!! This is going to get nasty!  Apparently, she found countless text messages between Tony and this woman within a short span of time but he’s been involved with her for more than a year. 

She told Extras Mario Lopez that, “She is devastated, she wants us all to know that,” Lopez said. “But she’s strong.”  He also cheated earlier in the marriage with a woman he keeps in contact on Facebook.  Rumor has it he’s begging her to stay but she’s had enough.   What is with these men who have beautiful wives but can’t keep it at home.  Tune in to Extra tonight to get the scoop on this story.

SMH! He is such a LOSER!

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Chad OchoCinco & Evelyn Lozada Engaged???

17 Nov

Publicity stunt ?!?!…maybe but according to TMZ, Chad OchoCinco and his girlfriend Evelyn Lozada are engaged.  These two have denied being romantically involved with each other for a while and claimed to be “just friends”.  I guess that was due to the fact that OchoCinco’s Ultimate Catch just premeried and they didn’t want to VH1 to pull the plug on his ass.  But on season 2 of Basketball Wives we’ll see their steamy romance play out.   

TMZ reports,

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ … Chad proposed to Evelyn — his GF of 4 months — today in Cincinnati. She had flown in from Miami just yesterday to visit.

Lozada obviously said yes … because she just tweeted a picture of the ridiculous ring (above) — saying, “I’m no rabbit but 10 carats looks good on me!! Let the hating begin.”

So no more love shows for OchoCino! …or when his romance with Evelyn fizzles, maybe they’ll both get reality love show deals… OR maybe they will  join the crew on Football Wives. I don’t know I’m just saying LOL…

Jay-Z book Decoded on shelves today!!!

16 Nov

Jay-Z can now add author to his list of accomplishments, his new book Decoded is on shelves today.  Decoded is a memoir of the rappers lyrics and its meaning.  His aim with this book is to get people to understand not just his lyrics but rap music as a whole. 

Last night, Jay did a book signing at a New York Public Library, guest included Dr. Cornel West, Harry Belafonte, and Lupe Fiasco.  During the event, “LIVE at NYPL”, Jay Z,  Dr. West and the library’s director Paul Holdengräber led a discussion which was centered around rap culture, history and racism.  Lupe Fiasco and Harry Belafonte also chimed in the conversation as they sat front row.

During the discussion Jay Z says,

“This book is much more than just an autobiography,” he said. “It’s basically about music and about the power of words — rap as poetry. Then it told the story of a generation of kids. It gave a voice to what we were feeling, emotions we were going through. So it was much more important than just a story about me.”

Jay wants the world to know that rap is an art form that should be respected no matter what rappers say, because there’s more to the lyrics than words…at least that’s what I gather.  Some people may enjoy rap music but they really don’t get where it comes from and why the lyrics are what they are.  unfortunately, due to the high volume of crap out nowadays the world may still misunderstand rap as being garbage or ghetto.  Here’s what Jay had to say about what the world viewed about rap music. 

“We’re talking about something that was dismissed as a fad,…‘Oh, it’s just another fad. It’ll be gone.’ So it’s terribly misunderstood. The same people who thought rap was a fad need to really understand what we’re saying and get into the deeper meanings of what we’re talking about.”

He also credits his meeting with Oprah as a part of the reason he decided to write ‘Decoded’. 

“Oprah was a big reason I wrote this book,“We had conversations about language and the N word, and while we didn’t agree, we left that conversation with a better understanding.”

You can also catch Jay-Z on Oprah December 12th when she airs in Australia.  I wonder if he decodes any of his misogynistic lyrics? I don’t know…what do you guys think about Jay Z writing this book?

Celebrity Parents:Beyonce & Britney Spears Parents Back Together?

16 Nov

The couple were ready to call it quits after 29 years of marriage and the success of Beyoncé and Solange Knowles.  Tina Knowles filed for divorce last November after Matthew was hit with a paternity suit.  The DNA test proved that he was the father to Alexsandra Wright son Nixon. 

They were scheduled for divorce court yesterday in Harris County, Texas but nobody showed up.  According to TMZ, the case was later dismissed, so is it safe to assume that they worked things out?

They’re not the only parents reconciling.  According to Perez Hilton, Britney Spears parents, Lynne and Jaime Spears, have rekindled their love and put their feuding aside.  The couple were married since 1975 but divorced in 2002.  Sources claim the romance is back on and they’re indeed a couple, although their not re-married…YET!

I hope this is the case for both couples.  Marriage takes a lot of work and sometimes couples should know when to move on,  but as the saying goes, home is where the heart is.  Lets hope they’ve learned their lessons and can move forward.

Sheree sued by Private Investigator…

15 Nov

Things keep getting worse for Sheree Whitfield.  First, her lawyers had her car seized for non-payment of legal fees and now her private investigator is suing her.  According to TMZ, Sheree owes more than $20,000. 

TMZ Reports,

“Sheree hired a private investigator named Dwayne Alexander back in 2005 to dig up dirt on her then-husband, ex-NFL star Bob Whitfield — but according to a court order obtained by TMZ … she still owes him $28,858.93 for snooping services and interest.

Now, Alexander’s gone way over her head to get the money, firing off a letter to Bravo — the network behind “Housewives” — claiming he plans to garnish Sheree’s wages from the show to settle the debt once and for all.

Sheree’s lawyers claims Alexander’s judgment is “void” — telling us, dude “has no idea what he’s doing in a court of law and what he’s trying to do is improper.” has a copy of the document that Daniel Alexander apparently sent to Bravos HR Department.  Click the link below to view for yourselves.  Any thoughts fellow “Housewives” fans?”

Rewind: Real Houswives of Atlanta Recap

15 Nov

Last nights episode of The real Housewives of Atlanta was no doubt  funny as usual, there were some awkward moments too but I’m glued to this season.   

For one, we got to see Sheree’s Aston Martin, that is now seized due to non-payment of legal fees, as we previously reported.    I don’t know about you guys but I couldn’t stop laughing when she was rehearsing for the charity event.  I give it to her, she tried, but she needed to pay attention to the professional dancer that was showing her how to be graceful, instead of rolling her eyes.    At the event, we got a chance to see Kim Zolciaks future baby daddy…Kory Brieman who plays for the Atlanta Falcons.  As we previously reported, TMZ has photos of Kim Zolciaks positive pregnancy test that she’s been denying.  With Kim, you never know what’s what, that’s the only positive thing we know for sure.

To be honest guys, I don’t know how much longer I can stomach Phaedra…seriously!!!  For some weird reason she’s more concerned about looking cute than delivering her baby!  And did she really have to say vagina, as if we didn’t know where babies come from….eewww!!  And what’s up with all the lying, Miss holier-than-thou doesn’t want the world to know she conceived during one of those conjugal visits.  I mean she is a southern belle and all right…

Kandi looks like she’s tired of Kim and wants to focus more on her openly gay artist Lawrence.  If you watched Andy Cohen’s, Watch What Happens Live, then you know Kim will be performing her new song  Google Me next week…I wonder if Kandi had anything to do with this? Doubt it!

Last but not least, is the beautiful Cynthia and her fiance Peters proposal.  It was dry, Peter didn’t respect her wishes or even thought about how she would have liked the proposal done.  He did say he did things his way.   My guess is she’s not going to say NO in front of a bunch of people so he did that to save himself.   Even Nene was taken aback by the whole thing,  Cynthia was acting like she don’t know what time it is.  I don’t think she’s going to go through with this marriage thing, what do you think?

On another note, Craig needs to get it together, Nene is hot and could find a finer younger thing…he better stop playing!

Lamar Odom sues his baby mama’….

15 Nov

According to, Lamar Odom is taking his kids mother to court for a  “parental access schedule” and “reasonable child support payments”.  This comes as a shocker to their mother Liza Morales who resides with the kids in NYC. 

She told the New York Post,

“Lamar basically checked out as a father four years ago,” she told The Post. “They [Destiny and L.J.] haven’t had quality time in a long time.” When we lost our son, he [Odom] was nowhere to be found,” she said. Since then “I always had to be the one to ask him: ‘Lamar, do you want the kids?’ ” “This whole going to the court thing — people, my neighbors — I don’t want them to think this is the kind of mother I am, that he has to go to court for visitation,” Morales said. “It’s just really shocking, because Lamar knows the truth.”

This is unfortunate!  but rumor has it that Lamar been M.I.A  as a  father until recently.  There are pics floating around the web of the children with Khloe and Lamar.  Im’ sure we’ll hear more to this story shortly.

Christina Milian pleased with divorce settlement!

12 Nov

Recently news broke out about Christina Milian and her ex-husband The Dream heading to court to finalize their divorce.  Well they’ve reach a settlement and Christina is pretty happy about the results. 

Her attorney Randy Kessler made a statement to TMZ saying,

“Ms. Milian strongly believes that peaceful resolution is better for their child and that she is very pleased with the settlement and that it was accomplished out of court,”

As previously reported, The dream and Christina’s short-lived marriage was heading downwards during her pregnancy.  He claimed that their union was “unsuccesful” and the couple reached a decision to separate  in 2009.  However, after photos leaked with him spotted on the beach with his Assistant Melissa Santiago, a divorce was inevitable.  Shortly thereafter, he wrote an open letter apologizing to Christina and his fans for being let down.   He also mentioned that he was suicidal during the break-up. 

The amount of the settlement was not disclosed but I’m sure it’s a pretty penny considering they didn’t resolve this in court.  This is The Dreams second failed marriage after he filed for divorce from his ex-wife- former singer Nivea- in 2008.

Basketball Wives season 2 sneak preview…

12 Nov


The much-anticipated season 2 of Basketball Wives is coming up and while surfing the web like I always do, I caught wind that VH1 has a preview trailer.  Unfortunately for now, I’m unable to post videos to this blog, so I wanted to add the link so you guys can get a taste of the drama coming up for the second season. 

The trailer has 7 clips, the first is a preview and the rest are 1st season recaps.   Apparently they’ve added firecracker Tami Anderson to the mix, you’ll see Chad OchoCinco and Evelyn get romantic and how can we forget the catfights keep getting better and better.  I almost caught coughed up my coffee watching these videos, I’m itching to see this season airing on VH1 December 12 at 9pm.  Will you be watching?  You know I will with my Nachos and salsa dip!

Fantasia & Paula Cook meet…

12 Nov

According to, Fantasia and Paula Cook sat down in mediation for nearly 12 hours, to try to come to a resolution before going to court.  Unfortunately things didn’t go well for Fantasia as she probably thought. 

RadarOnline reports,

 American Idol winner Fantasia Barrino met with her boyfriend’s scorned wife, Paula Cook, earlier this month in an attempt to keep the details of Barrino’s alleged affair with Antwaun Cook private and out of the Mecklenburg County courthouse, has exclusively learned.

A source close to the situation says the two women attempted to settle their dispute through private mediation but the ladies were unable to reach a settlement, propelling Cook to move forward with a civil lawsuit against the singer.

“Fantasia and Paula were in mediation for nearly 12 hours on November 1,” a source close to the situation told

“They didn’t settle because Fantasia refuses to acknowledge that she was aware of Paula’s marriage to Antwaun when she started dating him, and Paula is adamant that she knew.”

According to the source, Fantasia and Paula are set to meet in a North Carolina courthouse again on November 22.

“Fantasia was prepared to pay Paula as much as $100,000 to settle during their mediation, but it fell through,” another source told

“Paula plans on going all the way and is going to sue Fantasia for Alienation of Affection.”

Alienation of Affection is a law still recognized by only seven states – one of which is North Carolina – where an abandoned spouse can file lawsuit against the party responsible for the failure of their marriage, typically the adulterous spouse’s lover.

Paula has filed for divorce from her philandering husband, who is still dating Fantasia.

Wow what an embarrassment!  It’s clear that Paula is a wife scorned but can you blame her.  If you were in her shoes would you sue the other woman if you can? What do you think about the alienation of affection law…is it fair to sue the “other woman”? 

$100,000 isn’t a bad settlement but I’m sure Mrs. Cook plans on getting more once this goes all the way.  Do you agree that the wife should sue the mistress? My guess is if this law was accepted in all states, more woman would think twice before meddling with a married man.  Then again this could be a set-up…I’m just saying!

Anyways…I’m up in the air with this…lemme know you thoughts?