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OchoCino Engagement—New Reality Show Deal Offer!!

18 Nov

Didn’t I mention to you guys yesterday, that OchoCoinco and Evelyn Lozada are engaged, and they might get a reality show deal because of it.  Well call me Ms. Cleo but they damn sure did! except it’s not “Football Wives”.

According to TMZ.com, the couple were offered a reality show deal, by none other than VH1, go figure, to chronicle their post engagement wedding plans and the wedding day.  Its said they are interested in the deal but they want to make sure “the money and situation are right.”

Opportunist?!?!?! maybe,  but can you blame them.

Anywho, here’s a picture of the 10-carat BLING BLING


….GORG!!! I gotta say Cinco got good taste…


Shaunie O’Neal tries to set-up Shaq in divorce!!

30 Sep


The drama between these two keeps brewing.  As reported by NecoleBitchie.com, Shaunie attempted to set-up Shaquille O’Neal by trying to get his mistress Vanessa Lopez to confess of their affair by going public.   Little did Shaunie know….Vanessa went back and told Shaq of Shaunie’s plan to bring him down…smh!!! 

It’s obvious Shaunie wants to put Shaq on blast for being the cheater that the world already knows he is.  She’s also trying to get her money up by exposing him in court.  The problem with this is that she signed a confidentiality agreement when she married him and now may be faced with breach of contract.

Another part of the story has to do with a man named Shawn Darling an IT guy that is currently suing Shaq for hacking into his computer.  According to The Boston Herald, Darling worked for Shaquille and Shaunie O’Neal from 2007 to 2009, during which time he states Shaq had him delete information from his AOL account in relation to his affairs and other legal matters.  It is believed that Shaunie and Vanessa are presently in contact with Darling.

Darling also claims that Shaq tried to plant child pornography on his computer, and break into his voicemail account but destroyed evidence by tossing his computer into a lake. 

I wonder…will we hear about this drama on the new season of Basketball Wives!  I will most definitely be watching…

Cat fight…Khloe Kardashian vs. Vanessa Bryant

23 Jun

Vanessa Bryant / Khloe Kardashian


In an article from In Touch Weekly, it reveals that Khloe Kardashian and Vanessa Bryant have had a few petty altercations in the past and presently.  It’s said that Vanessa doesn’t want to be anywhere near Khloe during the games because she is a fake wife.  It goes on to say that Vanessa excluded Khloe from a dinner party for the Laker wives.  She has also shut Khloe out of the circle of LA Lakers basketball wives clique.  I want to know where does this hate stem from?  Honestly, Khloe has more shine than any of the other Laker wives, so they all need to fall in line and stop hating on Khloe.  Maybe if they became her friend they can get their shine on too! but lets say the pettiness continues and somebody throws a blow…who do you think will win this catfight…my money is on Khloe.

Matt Barnes Goes In On His Twitter Pg. About Basketball “Hoes”… I mean Wives….

22 Jun

Matt Barnes


As most of you may know, the Basketball Wives reunion special aired last night and as stated before, your girl Gloria wasn’t on the reunion, nor will she be on the second season.  According to YBF.com, Gloria’s husband, Matt Barnes is going hard on the ladies of the show calling them “Hoes” on his twitter page.  The ladies, specifically Shaunie and Jennifer, responded to his rants via twitter as well.  To read these tweets check out my favorite gossip site below :   


Shaunie Speaks on Basketball Wives and Football Wives is in the works!!

18 Jun

Basketball Wives


Shaunie stopped by for an interview today on Sirrus/XM radio with Angela Yee.  They discussed a few things like Matt Barnes comments, season 2 of Basketball Wives, and her new project Football Wives, which she’s casting for now.   The second season of Basketball Wives will air sometime this fall, but you won’t see Gloria…she got booted out.  The show will run for 12 weeks instead of 8 and it will be an hour-long. Yes!!! So this means more gossip about groupies, juicy drama and water throwing on groupies….Ha Ha!      

As for the reunion special, someone gets arrested and someone else gets hauled off in an ambulance.  I also hear your girl, groupie Sandra(who got water splashed in her face) makes an appearance…. OMG!…I can’t wait…this Sunday is going to be too exciting, between True Blood and Basketball Wives I’m a need 2 bags of popcorn.  Anywho, to hear the interview please click  http://teamyee.tv/?p=5811