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NeNe Leakes out heartbreak over Gregg…

30 Nov

Nene took to her blog, via Bravo, the heartbreak over the lack of trust for her husband Gregg.  She calls it, “The Breaking Point”.  If you watched Sundays episode of the RHOA, you saw a strong NeNe Leakes brought to tears when confronting her husband about him discussing their “divorce” with an online radio host.

NeNe says,

“Gregg and I have held it together for years, but my breaking point has come. I’m one hell of a woman, and I am nobody’s fool. When the person you love and trust betrays you, it has got to be one of the worst feelings. Having that moment with Gregg was so much bigger than you saw. I was really hurting! I felt Gregg was an emotionless wall that was cold with no remorse. The pain in my stomach was unreal, and my heart was heavy!”

In case you missed it Sunday we also saw NeNe’s visit with a divorce lawyer were she asked for advice on her situation.  In “The Breaking Point”, she also touches on a conversation that Sheree and Lawrence had while at the gym on Sunday’s episode. 

“Sheree and Lawrence talking about me and Gregg … it just goes to show you that there are really people in the world that want to see you fail. That whole scene with them was just phoney to me! I didn’t buy it!”

I felt they were being themselves as usual but this is obviously a touchy subject for NeNe.  So are they divorcing or not ? There’s no concrete answer to this yet although most blogs will say so.  Clearly,  NeNe is at her breaking point but I guess we have to keep watching to find out if they are really divorcing.  I do hope they can sort out their issues…maybe counseling will help.

To read the rest of her blog click the following link. 



Daniel Staub Gone…Finally!?!

19 Aug

Returning Housewives Crew: Teresa, Caroline & Jacqueline


It’s official Daniel Staub has not been asked to return to Bravo for season 3 of Real Housewives of NJ.  Soon after taping the reunion special according to TVSquad.com, all were sent letters in the mail asking them to return to the show all except for Danielle of course.  To many fans of the show who probably grew to hate her or view her as annoying, will her removal keep us interested in NJ?  Will her presence be missed?  Although drama follows Danielle almost everywhere and in just about all of her friendships she did make good TV.  No one could stop talking about her crazy ass! 

I do have my feelings about Danielle, mixed feelings…kind of like a love/hate thing with her, but I can say Housewives NJ won’t be the same without her.  On another note, maybe this will bring Dina back to the show or maybe they may insert Kim D or Kim G in Danielle’s place, either way I can say I will miss her.  Hopefully Bravo can scout around NJ and find someone who can bring the heat for NJ’s sake…I just don’t see the fun in this for the viewers any more.  What do you think is it time for RHWONJ to get some new faces?

Teresa Guidice spends 60k days after filing bankruptcy!!!

17 Aug

Teresa & Joe Guidice


Real Housewives of New Jersey star Teresa Guidice is in the spotlight once again for her extravagant spending.  According to the New York Post, court documents have revealed that days after filing for bankruptcy Teresa spent $60,000 shopping.  SMH! She still hasn’t learned anything yet! 

Read Post article below: 

Spendaholic “Real Housewives of New Jersey” star Teresa Giudice celebrated her bankruptcy in style — with a $60,000 shopping spree, astonishing court testimony revealed yesterday. 

The buying bender came to light as the Bravo star and her husband, Joe, who owe creditors $11 million, tried to convince a Newark federal bankruptcy judge to stop the planned Aug. 22 auction of the contents of their Towaco McMansion. 

In court, even the Giudices’ own lawyer, James Kridel — who had filed a court document with receipts that detailed the spree — seemed at a loss to explain the profligate spending to Judge Morris Stern. Kridel said he knew the documents presented “a dilemma” and that Stern might view it as “conspicuous consumption.” 

The receipts show that within days of filing to wipe out their multimillion-dollar debt, the Giudices blew $8,800 for curtains and nearly $45,000 on wall hangings, mirrors, frames, tables, urns and chairs, The Post’s Jeane MacIntosh reports. 

“These were not Ikea-purchased furniture items,” Stern said. “These were from high-end design stores.” 

The judge refused to stop the auction, but postponed it until Oct. 3. Stern called the Giudices’ high-spending ways “a lifestyle choice” but noted that “it’s not for this court to tell people how to spend their money.” 

During the hearing, bankruptcy trustee John Sywilok noted that right before their bankruptcy filing, the Giudices racked up an earlier $21,000 worth of furniture buys — and paid off a total of $11,000 of that just two days before declaring they were broke. 

After court, Teresa declined to comment on her shopping spree. 

Hubby Joe — sweating profusely and barely able to contain his temper with media after the hearing — snapped, “None of your business! Back off before I get pissed!” 

This is such a shame! Honestly, if I were that judge I would have kept the 1st date.  They probably gonna end up selling the items they just bought anyway.  Teresa better get it together before she sends her husband drinking while intoxicated… 

Read more: http://www.nypost.com/p/pagesix/teresa_wild_spending_spree_wHRfcW25XrucWoPVjaD0nM#ixzz0wsJyxSJg 


Real Housewives of NJ Re-cap…

13 Jul

Last nights episode is one that most of NJ Housewives been waiting to see for the last 2 weeks and it was well worth it.  So, as Andy asked in his poll, who was the trouble maker in this situation?  My opinion is that Teresa was genuine in her approach to Danielle but of course if your dealing with a lunatic things will always turn sour instead of sweet.  It’s not fair to put it all on Danielle, Teresa knows how Danielle is and could have handled her smarter than that, like Caroline said, “You gave her what she wanted”.  Teresa didn’t have to engage her to begin with, she should have ignored her like Jacqueline suggested.

Let’s not forget about Ashley pulling her hair making the drama queen create more of a scene.  Ashley needed to stay out of it and let grown women handle their business.  How did you like the clump of hair Danielle held in her hand that she claims Ashley tore out?…LMAO

As I’ve mentioned before, the Kim’s are all a piece of hot garbage.  Both of these women instigated situations between Teresa, Jacqueline and Danielle on numerous occasions.  No surprise though that Kim G tried to play peacemaker to stop the childish behaviour among these women, however she should have done this episodes ago.  The next thing that I’m wondering is why wasn’t Kim ‘D’ pissed off?  They ruined the night of her show…SMH! Everyone wants to be in the drama but when it blows up nobody wants to take responsibility for the role they played.  So to answer Andy’s question….it’s everybodys fault.

Real Housewives of NJ Re-Cap…Whose Phony whose Fake…Kim D & Kim G!

29 Jun

Bravo Photo : Kim 'D' & Danielle Staub


The drama began to unfold as these ladies “bump” into each other at Kim ‘D’s Posche fashion show.  It was the first time since the reunion special that Danielle and Teresa met face to face.  Danielle was in complete shock as she saw Kim ‘D’ sitting at a table with her arch enemies.  I guess she had no idea until then that Kim ‘D’ isn’t her friend and talks trash about her.   One thing Danielle and I can agree on is that Kim ‘D’ is a piece of “shit”.  The other Kim, Kim ‘C’ was in attendance by her new B.F.F Danielles side, trying to keep her positive and drama free.    

I wanted to touch on the “Kim’s” of this show for some time now and this seems like the perfect opportunity.  From the introduction of these ladies I knew they were itching to get into some type of mess and that they did.  Is it just me or are these Kim’s just ‘Fugazee”…fake?   

My question is, why are they involving themselves in something that has nothing to do with them?  Everyone knows by now how loco Danielle is and I’m sure they’ve seen the show from last season, which leads me to this conclusion… they’re scheming to take a spot on the show?  They befriended Danielle and the others to get their reality shine on.  SMH! I can’t wait to catch up with this stuff next week but first, tell me what you think?   

Housewives of NJ Re-cap…

23 Jun

The Housewives of New Jersey


Is it just me or was Monday nights episode a bit boring.  I wanted to touch on this earlier but got so thrown off with Danielle’s “Watch What Happens Live” performance.   So, Danielle got her bad boob job fixed thank God, I was wondering from the start of the show, when was she gonna take care of that.  I can say it’s not the same since Dina left I so wish she would come back to the show, she is one of my favorite housewives.  Another thing I wanted to talk about was Ashley, Jacqueline daughter, she really needed to get smacked after that poker game last week…seriously!  This little girl has issues! I’m glad step-dad came in and regulated that situation between the two.  On another note,  I really had no interest in watching Caroline with her son crying over someone putting him down even though I agreed with what she’s saying, Monday night was just was flat to me.  I’m hoping next weeks episode will be more drama.  I’ll keep watching..

Danielle Staub Sings & Gets Touchy Feely!!

22 Jun

Danielle Staub on Andy Cohen's "Watch What Happens" Live


Like most Real Housewives fans, I was getting a bit tired of some of them trying to sing and actually making songs.  I made sure to tune into Andy Cohen’s, Watch What Happens Live and to my surprise, Danielle can really sing!   I’m actually shocked at how good she sounds, but as usual she gets all wierd on us and instead of me focusing on the fact that she can sing, I’m trying to figure out if she’s a lesbian!!!  During her performance she was very “close” and when Andy asked if she was seeing the other (sorry guys forgot her name) woman who sang in the duet, she avoids the question by saying, “I’m not saying anything other than we were together when we made this song closer”….LMAO but then starts playing with her hair, kissing her on the cheek, gazing into her eyes and sitting on her lap very seductively.  I mean whats all that about???  Its like she was turned on while singing in front of America.  The other woman (sorry guys about her name) was cool and was trying to do her thing….trying to get her shine on, but as usual Danielle does what she does best. . . . Danielle.

The Real Housewives of DC will air this summer!

16 Jun

The next stop will be Washington, DC, the show will air Thursday, August 5th at 9pm.  It’s about time Bravo, I was wondering when were they going to add another town to the “Housewives” list.  It already starts with some drama about one of the housewives, Michaele Salahis.  She is known as a gate-crasher for trying to attend an event at the White House uninvited.  SMH.. She’s got some nerve! I’m actually a little surprised to see that there’s only one sister on the show, but I’ll be watching anyway.   To read up on the entire cast check out http://voices.washingtonpost.com/reliable-source/2010/06/rs-_housewives_1.html

Danielle Confronts Dina, Pole Dancing and Singing!!!

15 Jun


Danielle Staub

So! I’m wondering if I’m the only one who thinks Danielle Staub is mentally deranged and draining all at the same time.  First it was the book, Cop Without A Badge, where we first got a hint of her craziness.  Then its the sex tape, which I’m hearing Hustler has its hands on it and will release it soon.  Last night Dina was trying to be as nice as possible, letting her know where she draws the line, but of course Danielle doesn’t get it and goes off as usual. 

Moments later she does this pole dance in front of her goons and starts reminiscing about the good old days when she was good at it.  WTH! Does she really need to have them tagging along behind her everywhere she goes? Does she really think Dina is a threat?  She needs to stop while she’s ahead.  As for her bodyguard Danny, I think she quietly wants to jump on him, if you know what I mean. 

To top it off Andy from “Watch What Happens” says she has a single and is supposed to perform her song on his show. SMH!!!  I guess she’s really trying to scrape up some change to save her home and lavish lifestyle, but seriously, if another housewife comes out with a song…I’m done.