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Rumor Alert: Sheree Whitfield Faces Eviction!!!!

1 Dec


According to MediaTakeOut, Sheree Whitfield, the RHOA star, is facing eviction yet again.   They got the low down on the story from a snitch inside source.  Apparently, Sheree can’t keep up with the payments of her leased mansion.

Things keep taking a bad turn for Sheree since her divorce from retired NFL star Bob Whitfield.  After her divorce Sheree was hit with a lawsuit from her lawyers for non-payment , then her Private Investigator came after her over $28,000.  He had absolutely no shame in contacting Bravo’s HR department to inform them of his plans to garnish her checks.  SMH! 

Tonight, Sheree along with RHOA stars, NeNe and Kim, will appear on SyFy channels Ghost Hunters, were they’ll try gaining some ghost busting skills.  Seriously though, if I were Sheree, I would continue to do all kinds of reality shows like The Apprentice or even contact VH1 for a dating show…cause she needs some $$$ fast.   Now I know Mediatakeout.com gets the scoop always but sometimes their slighty off.  So for Sheree’s sake I’m hoping this rumor isn’t true but considering all the other “rumors” that turned out to be true, I wouldn’t doubt this one.


Pics of Kanye PENIS revealed!!!

29 Oct

Okay! So there’s been some chat about pics of Kanye penis circulating around the web for a while.  Normally I would not cover anything related to nudity of any kind, but this…is just juicy..no pun intended.  Thanks to Media Take Out, those who are interested in seeing if Kanye is hung like a horse check the link below and don’t forget to link me back and tell me your thoughts.  Ladies you won’t be disappointed.