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Rumor Alert: Sheree Whitfield Faces Eviction!!!!

1 Dec


According to MediaTakeOut, Sheree Whitfield, the RHOA star, is facing eviction yet again.   They got the low down on the story from a snitch inside source.  Apparently, Sheree can’t keep up with the payments of her leased mansion.

Things keep taking a bad turn for Sheree since her divorce from retired NFL star Bob Whitfield.  After her divorce Sheree was hit with a lawsuit from her lawyers for non-payment , then her Private Investigator came after her over $28,000.  He had absolutely no shame in contacting Bravo’s HR department to inform them of his plans to garnish her checks.  SMH! 

Tonight, Sheree along with RHOA stars, NeNe and Kim, will appear on SyFy channels Ghost Hunters, were they’ll try gaining some ghost busting skills.  Seriously though, if I were Sheree, I would continue to do all kinds of reality shows like The Apprentice or even contact VH1 for a dating show…cause she needs some $$$ fast.   Now I know Mediatakeout.com gets the scoop always but sometimes their slighty off.  So for Sheree’s sake I’m hoping this rumor isn’t true but considering all the other “rumors” that turned out to be true, I wouldn’t doubt this one.


NeNe Leakes out heartbreak over Gregg…

30 Nov

Nene took to her blog, via Bravo, the heartbreak over the lack of trust for her husband Gregg.  She calls it, “The Breaking Point”.  If you watched Sundays episode of the RHOA, you saw a strong NeNe Leakes brought to tears when confronting her husband about him discussing their “divorce” with an online radio host.

NeNe says,

“Gregg and I have held it together for years, but my breaking point has come. I’m one hell of a woman, and I am nobody’s fool. When the person you love and trust betrays you, it has got to be one of the worst feelings. Having that moment with Gregg was so much bigger than you saw. I was really hurting! I felt Gregg was an emotionless wall that was cold with no remorse. The pain in my stomach was unreal, and my heart was heavy!”

In case you missed it Sunday we also saw NeNe’s visit with a divorce lawyer were she asked for advice on her situation.  In “The Breaking Point”, she also touches on a conversation that Sheree and Lawrence had while at the gym on Sunday’s episode. 

“Sheree and Lawrence talking about me and Gregg … it just goes to show you that there are really people in the world that want to see you fail. That whole scene with them was just phoney to me! I didn’t buy it!”

I felt they were being themselves as usual but this is obviously a touchy subject for NeNe.  So are they divorcing or not ? There’s no concrete answer to this yet although most blogs will say so.  Clearly,  NeNe is at her breaking point but I guess we have to keep watching to find out if they are really divorcing.  I do hope they can sort out their issues…maybe counseling will help.

To read the rest of her blog click the following link. 


Rewind: Real Houswives of Atlanta Recap

15 Nov

Last nights episode of The real Housewives of Atlanta was no doubt  funny as usual, there were some awkward moments too but I’m glued to this season.   

For one, we got to see Sheree’s Aston Martin, that is now seized due to non-payment of legal fees, as we previously reported.    I don’t know about you guys but I couldn’t stop laughing when she was rehearsing for the charity event.  I give it to her, she tried, but she needed to pay attention to the professional dancer that was showing her how to be graceful, instead of rolling her eyes.    At the event, we got a chance to see Kim Zolciaks future baby daddy…Kory Brieman who plays for the Atlanta Falcons.  As we previously reported, TMZ has photos of Kim Zolciaks positive pregnancy test that she’s been denying.  With Kim, you never know what’s what, that’s the only positive thing we know for sure.

To be honest guys, I don’t know how much longer I can stomach Phaedra…seriously!!!  For some weird reason she’s more concerned about looking cute than delivering her baby!  And did she really have to say vagina, as if we didn’t know where babies come from….eewww!!  And what’s up with all the lying, Miss holier-than-thou doesn’t want the world to know she conceived during one of those conjugal visits.  I mean she is a southern belle and all right…

Kandi looks like she’s tired of Kim and wants to focus more on her openly gay artist Lawrence.  If you watched Andy Cohen’s, Watch What Happens Live, then you know Kim will be performing her new song  Google Me next week…I wonder if Kandi had anything to do with this? Doubt it!

Last but not least, is the beautiful Cynthia and her fiance Peters proposal.  It was dry, Peter didn’t respect her wishes or even thought about how she would have liked the proposal done.  He did say he did things his way.   My guess is she’s not going to say NO in front of a bunch of people so he did that to save himself.   Even Nene was taken aback by the whole thing,  Cynthia was acting like she don’t know what time it is.  I don’t think she’s going to go through with this marriage thing, what do you think?

On another note, Craig needs to get it together, Nene is hot and could find a finer younger thing…he better stop playing!

Nene Leakes on Plastic Surgery…

25 Oct

For all my Real housewives Of Atlanta fans, I’m sure you’ll be tuning in tonight as we watch Nene undergo some not-so-needed plastic surgery…alone.  In the previews leading up to tonight’s episode, we see that her husband Greg is a no-show in support of his wife.  

I love Nene and in all honesty she looks fabulous post surgery.  She recently sat down with People Magazine to discuss her reasons and reactions to her voyage of self-improvement. 

Here’s a little of what Nene had to say to People Magazine :

“I’m very comfortable and confident in myself.  I just wanted a tune up,” says Leakes, 42, admitting that in April she got a nose job, smaller breast implants and a lift, as well as liposuction around her waist for contouring.

she continues…

“I still wanted to look like NeNe, the black woman that I am,” she says, “but a better version.”

What do you guys think about her transformation?