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OchoCino Engagement—New Reality Show Deal Offer!!

18 Nov

Didn’t I mention to you guys yesterday, that OchoCoinco and Evelyn Lozada are engaged, and they might get a reality show deal because of it.  Well call me Ms. Cleo but they damn sure did! except it’s not “Football Wives”.

According to TMZ.com, the couple were offered a reality show deal, by none other than VH1, go figure, to chronicle their post engagement wedding plans and the wedding day.  Its said they are interested in the deal but they want to make sure “the money and situation are right.”

Opportunist?!?!?! maybe,  but can you blame them.

Anywho, here’s a picture of the 10-carat BLING BLING


….GORG!!! I gotta say Cinco got good taste…

Chad OchoCinco & Evelyn Lozada Engaged???

17 Nov

Publicity stunt ?!?!…maybe but according to TMZ, Chad OchoCinco and his girlfriend Evelyn Lozada are engaged.  These two have denied being romantically involved with each other for a while and claimed to be “just friends”.  I guess that was due to the fact that OchoCinco’s Ultimate Catch just premeried and they didn’t want to VH1 to pull the plug on his ass.  But on season 2 of Basketball Wives we’ll see their steamy romance play out.   

TMZ reports,

Sources close to the couple tell TMZ … Chad proposed to Evelyn — his GF of 4 months — today in Cincinnati. She had flown in from Miami just yesterday to visit.

Lozada obviously said yes … because she just tweeted a picture of the ridiculous ring (above) — saying, “I’m no rabbit but 10 carats looks good on me!! Let the hating begin.”

So no more love shows for OchoCino! …or when his romance with Evelyn fizzles, maybe they’ll both get reality love show deals… OR maybe they will  join the crew on Football Wives. I don’t know I’m just saying LOL…

Celebrity Parents:Beyonce & Britney Spears Parents Back Together?

16 Nov

The couple were ready to call it quits after 29 years of marriage and the success of Beyoncé and Solange Knowles.  Tina Knowles filed for divorce last November after Matthew was hit with a paternity suit.  The DNA test proved that he was the father to Alexsandra Wright son Nixon. 

They were scheduled for divorce court yesterday in Harris County, Texas but nobody showed up.  According to TMZ, the case was later dismissed, so is it safe to assume that they worked things out?

They’re not the only parents reconciling.  According to Perez Hilton, Britney Spears parents, Lynne and Jaime Spears, have rekindled their love and put their feuding aside.  The couple were married since 1975 but divorced in 2002.  Sources claim the romance is back on and they’re indeed a couple, although their not re-married…YET!

I hope this is the case for both couples.  Marriage takes a lot of work and sometimes couples should know when to move on,  but as the saying goes, home is where the heart is.  Lets hope they’ve learned their lessons and can move forward.

Sheree sued by Private Investigator…

15 Nov

Things keep getting worse for Sheree Whitfield.  First, her lawyers had her car seized for non-payment of legal fees and now her private investigator is suing her.  According to TMZ, Sheree owes more than $20,000. 

TMZ Reports,

“Sheree hired a private investigator named Dwayne Alexander back in 2005 to dig up dirt on her then-husband, ex-NFL star Bob Whitfield — but according to a court order obtained by TMZ … she still owes him $28,858.93 for snooping services and interest.

Now, Alexander’s gone way over her head to get the money, firing off a letter to Bravo — the network behind “Housewives” — claiming he plans to garnish Sheree’s wages from the show to settle the debt once and for all.

Sheree’s lawyers claims Alexander’s judgment is “void” — telling us, dude “has no idea what he’s doing in a court of law and what he’s trying to do is improper.”

TMZ.com has a copy of the document that Daniel Alexander apparently sent to Bravos HR Department.  Click the link below to view for yourselves.  Any thoughts fellow “Housewives” fans?”


Rewind: Real Houswives of Atlanta Recap

15 Nov

Last nights episode of The real Housewives of Atlanta was no doubt  funny as usual, there were some awkward moments too but I’m glued to this season.   

For one, we got to see Sheree’s Aston Martin, that is now seized due to non-payment of legal fees, as we previously reported.    I don’t know about you guys but I couldn’t stop laughing when she was rehearsing for the charity event.  I give it to her, she tried, but she needed to pay attention to the professional dancer that was showing her how to be graceful, instead of rolling her eyes.    At the event, we got a chance to see Kim Zolciaks future baby daddy…Kory Brieman who plays for the Atlanta Falcons.  As we previously reported, TMZ has photos of Kim Zolciaks positive pregnancy test that she’s been denying.  With Kim, you never know what’s what, that’s the only positive thing we know for sure.

To be honest guys, I don’t know how much longer I can stomach Phaedra…seriously!!!  For some weird reason she’s more concerned about looking cute than delivering her baby!  And did she really have to say vagina, as if we didn’t know where babies come from….eewww!!  And what’s up with all the lying, Miss holier-than-thou doesn’t want the world to know she conceived during one of those conjugal visits.  I mean she is a southern belle and all right…

Kandi looks like she’s tired of Kim and wants to focus more on her openly gay artist Lawrence.  If you watched Andy Cohen’s, Watch What Happens Live, then you know Kim will be performing her new song  Google Me next week…I wonder if Kandi had anything to do with this? Doubt it!

Last but not least, is the beautiful Cynthia and her fiance Peters proposal.  It was dry, Peter didn’t respect her wishes or even thought about how she would have liked the proposal done.  He did say he did things his way.   My guess is she’s not going to say NO in front of a bunch of people so he did that to save himself.   Even Nene was taken aback by the whole thing,  Cynthia was acting like she don’t know what time it is.  I don’t think she’s going to go through with this marriage thing, what do you think?

On another note, Craig needs to get it together, Nene is hot and could find a finer younger thing…he better stop playing!

Sheree Whitfield Aston Marton siezed!

4 Nov

According to TMZ.com, Real Housewives of Atlanta star Sheree Whitfield had her Aston Martin seized from her due to non-payment to her divorce lawyers.  Sheree apparently owes her legal team over $110,000.  Wow!   

TMZ reports:

The people behind the seizure are Whitfield’s former divorce lawyer, who sued the reality star — and won — after she stiffed them out of more than $110,000 in legal fees.

A rep for the lawyer tells TMZ they still haven’t received the money — so this weekend, they had the local sheriff’s department snatch the car up as payment.

So now Sheree’s short one husband … AND one Aston Martin.

Sheree tells TMZ she thinks the judgment against her is unfair — but adds, “It’s okay, it’s a car, I’ll get another one.”


This should not be a shocker to Sheree Access Atlanta reports:

She first hired Levine & Smith as her divorce attorney in 2006 against her now former husband and NFL player Bob Whitfield.

In early 2009, Steve Montalto of Levine & Smith sued Sheree, saying she owed him more than $87,000 in unpaid fees related to her divorce. That situation has not been resolved yet, based on recent court filings…Montalto said she has “ignored and stonewalled any effort to respond to post-judgment discovery about her assets and income,” he said.

He has asked a judge to force her to respond and to threaten her with incarceration. “She thinks she’s above the law,” Montalto said. He also has liens against Bob, her ex husband, which he has ignored.

Her next divorce attorney, Weinstock & Scavo, began working with her in 2007.

On June 10, the firm filed a civil lawsuit in Fulton County Superior Court for $96,190.18 in fees related to her divorce. (Interest, the lawsuit said, amounted to $18,709.07 of that total.)

The impetus for this lawsuit came after Bob Whitfield sold property in Atlanta last October. He wrote in court documents that he needed to sell the property to finish paying off his original $775,000 divorce settlement agreement with Whitfield he signed in 2005.

Weinstock & Scavo recorded a lien on March 19, 2009 in favor of the firm for unpaid attorneys’ fees and expenses owed by Sheree. The law firm claimed Bob Whitfield and the people buying his property were aware of the unpaid attorney’s lien but chose to ignore it.

In citing breach of contract, the law firm said “Ms. Whitfield has acted in bad faith, has been stubbornly litigious and has caused W&S unnecessary trouble and expense entitling W&S to an award of attorneys’ fees and costs of litigation in connection with this case.”


We all know Sheree loves all things fly and wants $$$$ more than she wants love based on her rants this past Monday night.  Well, what can I say Sheree, your lawyers helped you snag up some really good change in your divorce settlement so there’s no reason why you can’t pay them.   This is just embarrassing! SMDH!!!

Tiny charged with possesion of ecstasy!

31 Oct


According to TMZ.com, the L.A. District Attorneys office has charged Tiny with possession of ecstasy.  In case you forgot, just last month the couple was arrested in LA after cops stop them for making an illegal U-turn, they claimed to have smelled marijuana and “another substance”.  Recently, TI was sentenced to serve 11 months in jail for violating his probation. 

If Tiny is convicted she could face up to a year in prison.  I’m confused about why this happened in the first place.  SMH! They need to get it together…hopefully this situation could wake them up. On another note, looks like she took the rap for him… I guess she’s a ride or die chick for real!!!

Football Wives: Mercedes Nelson booted off!!!!

26 Oct

The cast of VH1 Football Wives

 This past Sunday was the premiere of the much-anticipated Football Wives on VH1.  Just like Basketball Wives, we get a glimpse at the lives of the women behind the superstar athletes.  Its been one episode in and already someone is kicked off the show.

Mercedes Nelson

According to TMZ.com, Mercedes Nelson the ex-girlfriend of Dallas Cowboys, Marion Barber got handed the pink slip. 

TMZ reports:

“During Sunday night’s premiere episode — there was one official cast member missing from the show, Mercedes Nelson … reportedly the ex-girlfriend of Dallas Cowboys running back Marion Barber. Multiple sources involved with the production tell us hell broke loose while the girls were taping a scene recently … after Nelson “flipped out” and threw a bunch of tabletop items at Chanita Foster.we’re told producers shut down production and “came to an agreement” that it would be best for Mercedes to leave the show because it just “wasn’t for her.” 

First of all she is no longer a wife or girlfriend to any athlete so why is she even on the show and secondly I agree with Vh1 move on getting her out. 

Also according to SandaRose.com, Pilar Sander wife to Deion Sanders was a no show at the vH1 premiere party in Texas but she had her own premiere party and didn’t invite any of the other wives…SMH!!! all I can say is I will be watching!!!

Mario arrested for assaulting his mother!!!

1 Oct

R&B singer Mario was arrested last night after police responded to a 911 call made by his mother. 

NecoleBitchie.com reports:

According to police, Mario’s mother Shawntia Hardaway — a former heroin addict — told cops the former “Dancing with the Stars” contestant had been “throwing and damaging property” … and pushed her around with his hands and forearms.

Cops say they found several broken items inside the apartment – including a broken china cabinet, a busted mirror and a hole in the closet door.

Mario’s mother also told police the 24-year-old singer had attacked her earlier in the week — in which he pushed her “eight feet into a living room wall, where Ms. Hardaway hit her head on the wall.”

Mario — real name Mario Dewar Bennett — was eventually arrested this morning for 2nd degree assault. He was released on $50,000 bond

This is terrible! First his punches his stage hand in the face at a concert now this…

Read more: Mario Arrested For Attacking His Mother [Mugshot] | Necole Bitchie.com

Floyd Mayweather Jr. accused of Domestic Violence attack!!!

9 Sep

Floyd Mayweather Jr.


According to TMZ.com, police surrounded the home of boxing champ Floyd Mayweather Jr. today to question him about the domestic violence claims made by his baby mother Josie Harris.   A source tells TMZ that he was awakened by “a blood-curdling scream that sounded like someone was being murdered.” at around 5am this morning.  Harris was seen at Southern Hills Hospital in Las Vegas and it is believed that she will be in court today to get a restraining order. 

Josie Harris


This isn’t the first time that Mayweather and his baby mother had a domestic violence scenario.  Back in 2003, Harris accused Mayweather of punching and kicking her inside a Bentley in Vegas.  The charges were later dismissed in 2005 after Harris testified that she lied to police because she was angry that Floyd left her for another woman.  

SMH!  If she cried wolf before…she can do it again! I don’t know if I want this to be true or not but this is still a developing story so all the news isn’t out yet.  Hopefully Mayweather will turn himself into authorities before this gets any worse.